Kathryn K.
Eileen has been a transformative for me. I have worked out most of my life and had many trainers... she has been the most skilled and well rounded in all areas of good health. She has helped me work through shoulder and clavicle injury while improving my strength, agility and movement. The greatest improvement has been in my form. She really hones in on the details and is so patient while you learn to incorporate it. Eileen is professional, kind and easy to work with. She will really take care to meet you where you are at and gently guide you to your goal. She has become an essential in my life and I couldn't imagine not having her as my personal trainer.
Socal L.
I was in a slump for over a year and not feeling good about myself or my body. Unfocused and feeling always guilty, I took a leap of faith and joined L.I.T. Fitness. Eileen has been my savior and has given me major confidence in my body. I am doing things that I never thought I would be able to do. She has also given me accountability that I desperately needed. Take a leap of faith and invest in yourself. It is worth it and I highly recommend working with this amazing team.
Charmaine S.
I have been working out with Charles for the last few months and it has been the best decision ever! Charles is such an amazing trainer. He led me through my fitness journey. Every session has a unique plan and my workouts with him has never been repeated. After the past few months, I feel so much confidence and improvement in my strength, endurance, physique and even my mental strength. Charles really pushes me to be my best self. Charles is wonderful and he is such a patient and authentic person too. Aside from training, the facilities are amazing. You can find everything you need for your training. and they always keep the cleanliness to perfection.
Katie S.
Get in the best shape of your life HERE! Charles is wonderful trainer who has offered tremendous help in guiding me attain my fitness goals. Every session he plans out is unique so it's impossible to get bored of the program he tailors for you. I see definite improvement in my strength and physique within just 3 months since I began training with him. The gym facilities are also very nice and clean. They take hygiene very seriously- from aerosol alcohol spray to surgical grade disinfectant- so cleanliness is not an issue. Book your class with L.I.T. Fitness now and you will thank yourself in a few months!
Leslie R.
I've been training with Charles for almost a year now. When I first started training with him, I was recovering from a bad back injury. I had been out of the gym for so long that I decided to use a trainer to motivate me more. I had no idea I'd stay with him this long! Simply put, Charles is AMAZING. When I first reached out to him, he immediately asked me about my goals and what I was looking to get out of our personal training sessions. Based off of my answers, he created a workout regime for me to meet these goals. Charles personalizes all workouts to you. He is always changing my routines to ensure my results are constant. He also continues to educate you on lifting techniques and healthy lifestyle choices. I can say that working out no longer feels like a chore. Charles has a great vibe to him and makes you want to workout and be stronger than yesterday. I've seen great results in terms of how much stronger I've gotten and fat loss. I honestly can't say enough great things about Charles, definitely suggest you see him whether it's to lose weight, gain muscle, or get stronger!"
Jo-Annie S.
I've been working with Eileen for almost 5 months and I have seen such a difference in my strength. She's helped me step up my game physically and got me back into the gym. Pushing and lifting heavier weight than I ever have!!! I started spartan racing this year and had a consultation with her. I told her I needed to improve my upper body strength and just overall total body strength. She did her Spartan homework, and put together very dynamic and customized workouts. That's what I love most about her. The time and energy she puts into each workout. This is not a 6 wk, one workout fits all...she keeps the workouts challenging, changes my program every 3 wks and pushes me, and inspires to step up my game...She holds me accountable. If you aren't meeting your goals, then together, you figure how to go about meeting them. She's also very knowledge and resourceful, regarding exercises, form, etc. Based on our conversations and my questions, she'll send me some videos or handouts that are very helpful. Overall, she's great! I love working with her and look forward to having her guide me through my fitness journey!!! I forgot to mention, the app that she uses to send you your workouts is awesome... easy to follow, mini videos of the exercises and such a great way to track your weights, reps, abs progress etc. Her gym, is super nice too!!! So if your looking for someone to support and guide your through your fitness journey, give Eileen a call!
Ryan D.
I've worked with Charles for over a year now and I can honestly say that if you want to get in the best shape of your life do yourself a favor and contact him right away. On day one Charles asked me what my goals were - quite simply I wanted to get bigger. I've always been on the leaner side and putting on muscle has been a goal of mine. Charles listened to what I wanted and described precisely how we were going to get there. He transformed my daily workouts into a fine-tuned regimen aimed directly at my goals. Within a few months I could really start to see (and feel) a difference. Not only I did a feel stronger and healthier, but my friends and family started to notice as well. Let me tell you, when someone else compliments you on how you look, it feels great! Charles regularly reviewed my progress and used the information to develop individualized workout routines. He dispelled a lot of the misconceptions I had about exercise and healthy living. He completely reworked how I trained for the better. Charles taught me how to properly bench press, squat, and deadlift. He gave me the keys to a healthier lifestyle. A year and half later, I'm the strongest and healthiest I've ever been. When Charles first worked with me, I couldn't even lift a weightless barbell from a deadlift position. Now, I'm able to deadlift 300lbs. I surpassed my old college bench press by 55lbs. I used to be hesitant to squat due to old running injuries, but now, squatting is one of my favorite exercises. Oh, and that reminds me, the best part of working out with Charles - no more runners leg pain. I've been dealing with chronic iliotibial band pain for the past 8 years. Thanks to leg and back strengthening with Charles I've been pain-free for about a year. Charles isn't just a great personal trainer, he's a great person - a truly passionate professional who gets genuine joy from helping people. I enjoy working with him and I feel like I'm learning something new about health and fitness every time we meet. This man will change your life for the better, he's changed mine.
Lester L.
Charles has changed my life! When we first started training together, we talked about my goals, and decided on a program centered around powerlifting and overall strength. I've done a bit of crossfit and boxing in the past which would get me fit in the short term, but I would always get derailed by injuries or I'd lose interest. I wanted something that would stick. Six months later... 1/ I'm having a blast and look forward to all of my workouts, including the ones I do on my own under Charles' program. 2/ I've been able to stay healthy while challenging myself. Charles will push you but also keeps you safe if he notices you're breaking form. 3/ My shoulder hasn't been this stable since before my labrum surgery over a decade ago. Baseball throwing velocity and shoulder durability have both improved. 4/ We're seeing great results. +23 lbs. of lean mass, -5 lbs. of fat, and counting Bonus: The FIT SF facility is amazing too. It has all of the equipment you'll need, everyone is super friendly, the music slaps and it's never crowded since it's solely dedicated to personal training.